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Folder Loader plugin for RadioDJ

This is my first RadioDJ plugin and also happens to be my first C# project.

There is a dedicated topic on radiodj.ro forums which contains detailed changelog and may be more up to date than this post.

The idea came about after reading a post by PHAZE FM on RadioDJ forums. He needed to clear a category and then import all files from a directory into that category. Unfortunately, RadioDJ does not have that kind of functionality. That is until I decided to create a RadioDJ plugin which can do exactly that.

Folder Loader plugin adds two event actions for use in scheduled events:

  1. Clear Subcategory – deletes songs from a subcategory specified by category and subcategory name or ID as argument. It will delete song records from database, so it’s up to you to decide if it suits your needs.
  2. Load Files From Folder – imports all supported file formats from a directory, placing them in a subcategory, assigning genre and track type specified by name or ID as arguments.

Example action for importing tracks from “C:News” into main category “News”, subcategory “Latest News”,  assign “News” genre and set type to “News”:

PluginAction|Folder Loader|Load Files From Folder|C:News;cat=News&subcat=Latest News&genre=News&type=News

There is just one option – Recurse subfolders. It directs the plugin to scan for files in all subdirectories of specified directory.


If genre is set to AutoGenre, plugin will try to read genre from ID3 tags. This may slow down import process.
Cue point data can be imported from file ID3 tags (if saved previously) using ID3cue=yes.
Do not add the ID3cue parameter, since plugin checks for its presence, not its value. Reading cue data from ID3 tags may slow down the import process.
e.g. to import tracks with cue points and genres from ID3 tags, action would be

PluginAction|Folder Loader|Load Files From Folder|C:News;cat=News&subcat=Latest News&type=News&genre=AutoGenre&ID3cue=yes

Get it here: Plugin_FolderLoader

To start using it, unzip downloaded file to Plugins directory and restart RadioDJ.