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RadioDJ Library Tools plugin provides an overview of available tracks in each category and is intended as a guide for building rotations and troubleshooting track quantity issues.

The plugin started as an SQL query for RadioDJ library overview. It all began on this RadioDJ forum thread.
After initial release *life happened* and I completely neglected plugin development. I realised that that original forum thread is the only place this plugin was published. Many RadioDJ users may be completely oblivious to plugin’s existence so I’m posting it here.

RadioDJ Library Tools 1.0
RadioDJ Library Tools 1.0

Version 1.0
Initial release

ENHANCEMENT: Option to enter a minimum number of tracks.
ENHANCEMENT: Added keyboard shortcuts for refreshing the table (F5 or Ctrl+R)
ENHANCEMENT: Option to view SQL script used by the plugin in Help > The SQL
ENHANCEMENT: Option to save selected cells in table to CSV or HTML file

ENHANCEMENT: Added second tab to view data for genres. Grouping by subcategory is done using DataGridViewGrouper and that’s why rendering is slow. I may remove the grouping if there are enough complaints.

Version 2016-06-27 @ 23:44 GMT
BUGFIX: Exception is thrown when RadioDJ is closing
BUGFIX: Exception is thrown when collapsing groups in genres grid
ENHANCEMENT: Low track count highlighting in genres grid

Grab it here:

I hope that some of you will find the plugin useful.

Any comments?

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