Hi, my name is Andis Grosšteins

I'm a freelance web designer & developer from Latvia. I like to design and develop web applications but sometimes, when I get adventurous, I hack modems, write plugins for RadioDJ and do other random unrelated stuff.

Few facts about me

  • I can speak in three languages – Latvian, Russian and English;
  • Apart from that, I know few basic bits of Lithuanian, Estonian, French, Spanish, Italian and Swedish;
  • My first professional education was related to interior design and crafts but I have not worked in the field much;
  • After graduating high school I worked as a graphic designer and 3D artist while my fellow university students learned how to draw shapes in Core Draw;
  • I've had moderate success in photography but since my trusty Minolta was broken in an accident a few years ago, taking pictures has become a seldom pastime;
  • I used to perform improvisational theatre but I was average at best, so I rather enjoy watching better-skilled actors do it;
  • I like watching movies. Sci-fi and animation mostly;
  • I like to cook but I'm not too picky when it comes to enjoying food;
  • I've been to Great Britain just once, in 2004;
  • Sometimes I write blog posts, sometimes I don't;
You may reach me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. There's also a nice web form so you can send me an email.
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