Picture of a small house on a hill between trees in Tukums, Latvia

On Mental Architecture

If I may, let’s compare someone’s mentality and world views to buildings or dwellings.

Someone can live in a cardboard box under the bridge their whole life and feel fine about it. Anything outside their box is frightening and foreign. Yes, it’s gloomy and damp but it’s their home and their palace.
Who can blame them? It is a big an dangerous world, indeed.

Another person might live in a posh mansion. It’s surrounded by lush, green gardens, dotted with Greco-Roman sculptures. Here, anyone is welcome to wander and explore the surroundings. The owners usually don’t mind new additions to their property and oftentimes may tear down and rebuild whole parts of it. I like this kind of places but not all owners are as inviting.
Some of them even own horses. High horses. And when they’re on a Sunday ride, oh my…

Then, there are some who live in a fortress, surrounded by embattlements and a moat with sharp sticks. Only friends are welcomed inside, but foes – and most everyone else – have to walk around wondering what lies beyond the walls.
There might be a cosy tavern inside, where one can sit down to enjoy a jug of mead amongst friendly folks. The citadel could house a library which holds scrolls of wondrous stories about heroic adventures in faraway lands. Or there could even be a carptenter’s workshop where anyone can find helping hands.
Alas, you’ll never know, unless you put in the effort to scale the walls or persuade a guard to open the gate.

But I digress.

A small hut on the edge of a high cliff might look out of reach and not even worth a visit. But don’t let that first impression dissuade you. That homestead might hold a warm and inviting fireplace with a steaming pot in it.
Here, you may sit down for a tea or enjoy a bowl of home-made porridge to mend your hunger and cold.
I’m sure, you know a friend or two who might live here.

What kind of building is your mind, my anonymous reader?

No matter what kind of building your mind is, you have to keep it clean and tidy. You never know who might pay you a visit.

What kind of building am I? Well, I’m not quite sure.
Perhaps, a combination of many but not the cardboard box, for sure.
To be hones, mine is not even close to tidied. I think it would resemble a huge storage house packed full with stacks of paper sheets, random bits of information scribbles on most of them. Yep, that feels about right.
However, the door is wide open most of the time and the owner is inviting to visitors.

Thank you for reading this far. I appreciate your time.

Any comments?

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