Sysadmins these days

How can a person working as a server admin look at following PHP lines and in all seriousness decide that it’s suspicious?

if ( preg_match( '/^\s*(create|alter|truncate|drop)\s/i', $query ) ) {

              $return_val = $this->result;

            } elseif ( preg_match( '/^\s*(insert|delete|update|replace)\s/i', $query ) ) {

            if ( $this->use_mysqli ) {

             $this->rows_affected = mysqli_affected_rows( $this->dbh );

                } else {

              $this->rows_affected = mysql_affected_rows( $this->dbh );


Yes, it’s impossible to knows every PHP function, but not bothering to RTFM and not being able to “decipherer” a fairly simple regular expression, shows complete lack of competence.
I’d stay away from any company employing this tech monkey who asks for help on Twitter. The second noun in his Twitter moniker explains more than the first. Hi there, @monkeypigs.

His allegations would not bother me if not for subsequent spreading of FUD on Twitter and forums. That was a prick move and not acknowledging the mistake is irresponsible at best. I didn’t deny responsibility for my actions. Now’s your turn to show some responsibility and retract your failed allegations, Garry.

Final verdict: People should not make any decisions if they don’t understand what they are talking about.

Any comments?

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